Chemtrail Terrorism Finished

After maya-day in Amsterdam enough Light Energy was created to clear the skies forever

All thanks to the extreme powerful meditation of our Japanese Healer Performer: Tatsuhiko Kimori at the magical maya-day event held on the 17 Mar 2012 in the holy church of Amstelkerk in Amsterdam.

What an amazing energy has that church, go and visit if you are around. It will certainly enlighten you.

It has been made possible during the amazing healing performance to have clear skies, with the powerful healing colors combined from all the visitors. All of this together created huge energy vortex that has cleared the skies tremendously.

Meditation and combining our energies has manifested miracles. On march 23 Mar 2012 I was able to take pictures of perfect clear sky with airplanes in the sky leaving no chemtrails or traces whatsoever. The correlation between these two events might seem unscientific but also has not been investigated thoroughly due to the programs of ridicule.

Have our minds and our combined forces seriously more impact on the environment as we were lead to believe.


Believe me the times are truely miraculously, no doubt about that.


And for lovers of synchronicity and I am certainly one of them, the reversed name of the image as it came out of the camera is: 1440GAMI.

So the significance of the number 144 appearing is striking to me as to the relation of being mentioned many times in the channeled message as featured regularly on

Any ideas what 1440GAMI means? Seedmantra GAM is very remarkable.

As now is the time for truely removing the obstacles.

OM GAM Ganpataye Namo Namah




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