Elemental Air Clearing

Wonderful Elementals have stepped in to clear the Skies

Miracles are happening in Amsterdam. Already the elementals had announced their presence and showed their faces for quite awhile around Amsterdam.

Nobody really knew what was going on, what were all these colored rays of light doing on photographs appearing on all peoples camera’s. For example this amazing display of color, grace and light.

Elemental Face and Pink Ray

So what was buzzing in the skies waiting there hidden in plain sight. It took me also some time to figure it out.

Pink green disc

What are these lights doing there. Why are they appearing worldwide everywhere on all people camera’s. The light is communicating with us.

A lightbeing is standing there hidden in plain sight, beaming rays of light waiting to be acknowledged.

And yes we all did acknowledge, in what a grand finale the light energies are raising over the planet.

All Clear GO!


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