Dutch news – through the ribbon

Transgoogled News 29 maart 2012 – through the ribbon

1. Talk Catshuis interrupted
2. Belgians warn Dutch coach
3. “Kill Polish president probably no accident ‘
4. American pilot during flight through the ribbon
5. Billions of planets like Earth

At least number 3 and 5 are remarkable, of course #3 is not really a surprise that was very obvious and not subtle at all from the illuminatie. Number 5 is admitting that Alien Life does exists or at least leave the suggestion it is highly likely that is possible. That is a clever way of science admitting this.

And number 4 is too funny it is transgoogled expression “door het lint gaan” which means being very angry about something in a frenzyful way.

#2 is translated incorrectly the original talks about bustravels and this one is really different according to the transgoogler.

The first one is a poltical talk, probably about the end of life for the old boys raisin bread.

We come in peace, dont miss the bus!


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