Message from John Smallman – 29 Apr 2012

Your awakening is to occur precisely as divinely planned

The forthcoming event to which you – humanity – have been progressing steadily for so long, with not infrequent, apparent back-steps, gets ever closer.  Yes, all is on schedule, and your awakening is to occur precisely as divinely planned with your enthusiastic help and agreement.  Any doubts about it that you may be harboring are completely without foundation.  Release them, and focus your attention on what you truly desire to happen, and bring it to fruition.  That is your task, ably assisted by all of us in the spiritual realms who are constantly offering you advice (but only when sought) and encouragement.

To have spent so many eons in the illusory environment that you made in which to play your games has caused you to build around yourselves a hard shell to protect you from the attacks that have been an ongoing aspect of that strange environment.  What you are mostly now engaged in is softening and removing that shell so that you can fully interact with the divine field of Love that surrounds you at all times and which longs to hold you in Its loving embrace.

To soften this shell, and to enable you to let it go, you are addressing all these unloving issues and attitudes as they pour into your awareness, sometimes with very unsettling effects.  To awaken is to awaken into the divine Presence where all is Love.  Anything that is unloving cannot enter because the brilliance of the divine Light utterly overwhelms and terrifies anything that is unloving.  Any fear you may have that you will be divinely judged and found wanting stems from your deep inner knowing of this.

You know that to attempt to enter into the presence of God with anything apart from Love in your hearts is a meaningless endeavor.  To enter into the divine Presence you have to desire and intend to do so with all of your heart, but if you are still harboring unloving thoughts or attitudes, then you are not doing so with the desire and intent of all of your heart, and that is why it would be meaningless.

You are so accustomed to withholding part of your heart when you relate to others, in case you should be attacked or betrayed, that it is difficult for you to release those remaining unloving elements which seem to have provided you with essential protection for so long.  And it is these remaining unloving aspects you still hold in your hearts that you are in the process of addressing and releasing as the moment for your glorious awakening approaches.  Consequently, many are feeling disturbed and distracted as aspects of themselves that they had buried deep within surge up to the surface of their awareness for release.

Remember, you are constantly being offered enormous assistance from those in the spiritual realms so that you can deal swiftly and effectively with these issues, and there is no way that you can fail to do so.  However, it can be very uncomfortable for you.  When something shocking or very disturbing sweeps into your awareness just let it flow.  Do not attempt to stop it or block it – you do not need to act on it, either – just let it flow.  It will not last, and when it has passed you will feel more alive, more secure, more sure and more confident in yourselves.  What will have happened is that the intense energy you needed to block it, deny it, or hide from it is now available for you to use and enjoy, resulting in a marked decrease in the fatigue and stress that its misuse had caused, and you will be brighter for it.

Truly your path to awakening has become far shorter; the main part is well behind you now, and as you release what you need to release and allow your hearts to open ever more fully, your faith in the divine outcome that has been planned since the moment of apparent separation will continue to strengthen and intensify, until you will know in your conscious mind that God’s Will and yours is assured.

With so very much love, Saul.


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – 28 Apr 2012

In the end, all ships will dock at the same port

This has truly been a worldwide effort, where beings from many different countries have come together in an effort to bring to your world a better way. We of the Galactic commands have done our part as well to assist those of you who wish to see changes in your world, to make it a better place for all of you to experience the physical realm. All along your journey you have benefited greatly from the assistance of your universal families and friends. Never were you left on your own, and never were you forgotten or denied any assistance that you may have needed.

We have always assured that you would receive the benefits from our assistance, although it has been necessary for us to conceal our helping hand to better allow you to reap the rewards of going it on your own. This has always been a very delicate operation where we needed to conceal our craft from your eyes and needed to camouflage our part in many of your affairs. We feel we have done an adequate job in this sense, and up until very recent times we feel very few of you were even aware of our presence and still more of you were unaware that we took part in so many events and directions that your society has taken.

What we would now like to do is take an even more active role in your affairs, and we would like to do this openly and we would like to do this with your full knowledge and cooperation, as the time for secrecy is quickly fading into your past. We would like to discuss with you each and everything that we would like to accomplish here in your world with you before these tasks are undertaken. This is what we will do, as we are now better able to communicate with many of you through our channels and even directly with some of you through means of telepathy. In the days ahead, we see even greater numbers of you being able to communicate in this manner, and we also see a day when we will be able to speak with large numbers of you openly and directly without any need for telepathic communication.

When all this will take place is still a subject of debate and consideration, for we cannot tell for sure at this time when situations in your world will allow us to safely interact more personally with you. There will be a period in your very near future where we will be able to navigate our ships openly through your skies and personally interact with many of you as we work to complete our many projects together. This will be; there is no doubt of this, as this is a very necessary step towards the realization of the goal of your new world. Timing is so important at this time, and we wish to take every precaution and make sure the timing is just right for us to move forward with the operation. Please be patient as you have been, as much is riding on the successful conclusion of our project with you and we wish to proceed as slowly and carefully as is necessary.

Allow us to properly set the table for our introductions to you, and allow our Earth allies to clear the playing field of those still playing for another team, as they must be removed from your society before many of our projects together can be undertaken. This is a very important step, and we ask for your continued patience and cooperation in sharing your knowledge of these upcoming events as they will take place. We wish for as many of your world as possible to be familiar with this process as these arrests may be quite startling for many, and we also wish for as many of your world as possible to benefit as greatly as they can from what these arrests will signify to each of you and your society as a whole. You all have done such a tremendous job thus far setting the table for this event, and we wish at this time to thank each of you once again for your efforts and say to you that your hard work will pay off for all of you.

As we have promised you, we have been allowing more sightings of our ships all over your world, and we are very pleased to see that so many of you are taking the time to film these events and also share this evidence with those of your world through your online social networks. This is a very important process in our overall mission, as we wish to prepare as many of your world as possible for our introductions to you which we eagerly anticipate. We will continue this process and step up even greater the number and quality of the sightings of our ships in the days ahead, and we ask you to continue to share your video footage with your brothers and sisters. We have some fun sightings planned for you and we look so forward to this, and we also wish you to know that we enjoy these sightings just as much as you do. We have wanted to make our presence more known to you for a very long time, and we do not wish to have to camouflage ourselves any more than many of you like it.

We wish to go about our affairs openly with you, and we tell you that this day will come as there can be no stopping it. This is part of your new experience, where you will have completely open contact with us of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look very forward to this day. It has been a challenge for us to work for so long in the background without your knowledge, and we have longed for a reunion with you far longer than many of you have even been aware of our existence. There are many reasons that have contributed to this need for secrecy, and at this time we are removing these obstacles one by one with your assistance. It will be soon that the last obstacle from our path is cleared and we can reunite with you, our brothers and sisters, and openly work together on the many projects that will bring to each of you the new world that you all want for yourselves, your family, your friends, and each and every one who calls your planet home.

You may even have some new friends coming your way as finally the old friends that no longer serve your greater good fade away into your past. This has always been the plan for you, where the old has had to move aside to make way for the new and allow you to become the new being that you are developing into today. Allow all that no longer serves your higher purpose to fade away now and become but fond memories of your education and your growth as a spiritual being. Allow the experiences and the lessons that were designed to advance you on your journey become relics of your past that can be observed as if you were visiting a museum of all that was but is no longer. Do not allow these memories of lessons sometimes hard learned to intrude upon your present-day, for they have no rightful place here with you as their meaning and their purpose no longer exists for you. Do you understand this? Do not allow what is old to become obstacles for what is new. This is a very important concept for you to learn and to implement into your new lives.

So many of you allow your past experiences to manifest once again and present to you repeated challenges and obstacles that you have already cleared and have no need to experience again. Do the best that you can to keep your path clear before you by not allowing obstacles on the path behind you to experience a rebirth of any kind. Try to view the experiences that were necessary for you in your past as if they were encased behind glass at a museum of your life. You may take notice and admire these treasures as you make your way through your museums corridors, but do not allow yourself to be slowed or stopped as you stand and stare before an exhibit and allow it to take hold of you and deter you from completing the tour. This is the way we would like you to view your past experiences, unemotional and detached, as this is the best way for you to extract from these experiences all that they were designed to give you without allowing them to affect you emotionally and negatively. If you can achieve this, then you will certainly be on your way to housing a new and exciting collection of wonderful and valuable pieces that will line the halls of your new museum.

No one will be left behind here, as there will be different places that you journey to. This is the way it must be, as there are many of you and just as many paths to travel, and there are those of you who have learned more at this point than some of the others. This will bring you to the first steps of a path others have not yet reached. Do not feel saddened by this, as throughout your long journey you have made many friends and have said adieu to many of them, but just the same, for each friend that you have said goodbye to another new friend was waiting to make your acquaintance and begin new adventures with you that more closely resonate with your similar vibrations.

This is the way it is throughout this entire universe, where like attracts like and people, places and adventures come to those whose vibrations attract them like a powerful magnet. Many of you at this time are feeling the pull of this magnetic attraction, and there are those of you who are not feeling this same tow as they are still being pulled towards vibrations of the density you are now freeing yourself from and rising above. Do not look at this day when your ship sets sail as a sad day, for it is a remarkable achievement for you and you have put so much effort into hoisting your sails and catching this new breeze that will take you to points uncharted. Do not feel saddened for those you love who wave goodbye from the dock, as they too will board a ship that will take them to destinations they have mapped out for themselves. In the end, all ships will dock at the same port, and you will be there waiting, standing on the dock as their ship arrives.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles

The manuscript of survival – part 127

Let us just declare storm season for officially opened

For a long time now, you have felt the approaching of the storm, and for many of you, this waiting seems to go on interminably. Well, we think you will all breathe a sigh of relief very soon, but as always, we will not give any details or be very specific on any timeframe. You see, what you have in mind is mayhaps not exactly what we have in mind when we keep referring to a storm.

Let us explain. We have often times talked about the need for you to start thinking out of the box, or rather, for you to stop thinking and start to feel. In other words, the limitations put upon your minds will make this whole scenario seem impossible, but if you manage to connect into your true core, what we will describe will seem plausible. You see, you have been well conditioned to think and behave within very limited frames, and as such the storm of change we refer to cannot be contained within these limitations. That is because we are talking about something that encompasses such a large range of changes, both in the physical dimension you live in, but also in all of the other dimensions that you cannot yet begin to comprehend. As we stated earlier, you cannot even see the whole tip of the iceberg, so to you, this storm may seem at first to be nothing more than mere ripples on the surface. It will not look like the roaring inferno you mayhaps harbour in your mind, more like a silent and innocent intruder slowly but surely stepping across the threshold into your consciousness. This does not mean that it will not be dramatic, far from it, but we just want you to be prepared for something very, very different than what the so-called blockbuster movies usually portrays.

You see, your whole world is really an illusion, so to all of these huge cataclysm you have watched so many times on the screen, and we do not refer to anything that is like that at all. What we refer to, could be more likened to a seemingly small and timid wind that makes even the densest of fogs dissipate. Or rather, the slow but sure increasing of current into a lightsource that will make the light stronger in increments. Do not despair and think that this will be a process so slow and undramatic it will take years and years to complete, something that will likely drive you all to be tempted to think that nothing is going on. That will not be the case, we guarantee you that, but we just wanted to make sure that you at least try to separate yourselves from all of the doom and gloom scenarious out there, repelete with enourmous catastrophes and hellfire burning everything down to the grond. As we have stated, this is indeed something that will have almost the same effect, but the process is very far removed from all of this theatrical staging. Therefore, you might actually miss some of the crucial stages in this process. It will be like a bomb going off so far belov the surface, you cannot even see it or feel it, but the effects will be dramatic indeed. Remember, you are a species so controlled by different sorts of systems, both ”man-made” ones, that is, belief systems of all kinds, but also all of those automated ones you are so dependent on. You have been well trained to have complete confidence in everything around you, and you are so vulnerable if any of of these systems starts to malfunction. Well, let us just say that it is indeed time to stop taking anything for granted, and to keep an open mind as to what will happen. The bombs will indeed start to go off soon, and the effects will be easy to see, even to an untrained eye, and as such let us just declare storm season for officially opened.


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – 26 Apr 2012

Your genes are a special mix of many races

One day we would like to furnish you with a list of all the worlds and the races of beings that are here in cooperation with you at this time. There are a multitude of different worlds here assisting you and watching over you, and we would like for you to have a better understanding of who these are and who you are. You are a mix of many different star races and star worlds throughout this universe. You are not just one people in the sense that you come from one place in the universe. You are one race, the human race, but your genes are a special mix of many races who have formed an alliance to better handle universal political issues and sovereignties throughout the many different star systems that possess intelligent life.

It has been this way for many eons, where different beings from different parts of the universe have come together in peaceful cooperation to better themselves and the lives of others. This is the case here at this time on your planet, as many different races, worlds and star systems have combined their talents and their genes to create a race of beings who are a true representation of this great alliance of intelligent species. Each one of you is a cherished product of this great endeavor. Each one of you is loved, cared for and protected, as each one of you are a member of our family.

Try to see yourselves as the pride of many star parents and allow this to allow you to better understand our mission and why we are here with you at this time. As we have maintained all along and will soon have the opportunity to prove to you, we are not here for selfish reasons or to manipulate you or use you or your planet for any selfish reasons. We are here as your family and as our family, we love and respect you and only act for your better welfare in every way.

Many of you at this time are now being introduced to your Star Families in one way or another. Many of you are being contacted telepathically and are being given an idea of where it is you come from in the universe. All of you at one time or another in the days ahead will receive this information from your respective Star Families, and we wish you to know there is no prejudice or favoritism here, as those of you who are being contacted at this time are those who are not only ready to receive this information mentally and emotionally, but who are also able to receive this information telepathically. This way of communicating with you must be applied at this time for security reasons. This is why we cannot post publicly a list of names and your home worlds or communicate with you through more popular means. We assure all of you that are interested in such information that this will change in the days ahead when those who yet stand against your new world are removed from your society.

We have talked at length about the removal of these individuals aligned with the dark agenda and we wish you to know that this operation is not a ship that has sailed or an idea or a concept that has been abandoned and forgotten. These arrests will take place, there can be no other way, as these individuals present a roadblock to your new world and there will be nothing or no one permitted to remain here as an obstacle to what is rightfully yours and will be yours. This is one of the reasons we are here with you, and together we will not fail. This operation to remove these individuals is not our operation, but the operation of our Earth allies, and we are participating in this operation by offering our abilities in certain areas. This is a very involved operation and much planning has been and continues to be put into this process. At this time, this plan continues to move forward and you will, at the proper time, see the results of all the tremendous work and labors of so many of your people. This will be. There can be no other way.

Continuing on into the days ahead you will begin to see more fallout from the efforts of your brothers and sisters to remove those of the dark from their positions of power. Some of you are seeing at this time resignations and dismissals at many different levels of bureaucracy of individuals who have chosen to voluntarily clear the way for the incoming of individuals aligned with the light and your new world. These maneuverings are all part of the bigger picture, and each and every change of office is a step towards your new way of life. See each resignation or dismissal as a positive stride towards our shared goal, for indeed it is.

We wish for you at this time to keep the fire burning within your hearts for your new world, for it is much closer than you may think and it will be yours, there can be no stopping it. Far too much has been accomplished already to allow anything to stop your new day from climbing over the horizon. This day will come; you inch closer to it every day as we, along with our Earth allies, continue to work tirelessly towards our shared goals. We ask you, our Lightworkers in the field, to continue your efforts as well as this is not a time to slow down or take a break from your tasks, but a time to apply your talents and give your mission everything you have, for everything that we have discussed with you, everything that you have dreamed about and long for, is just beyond your reach and will only take a little more effort to bring everything to you that you have earned and all that you deserve.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles


The manuscript of survival – part 126

You will finally be able to breathe freely again

As we have often times mentioned before, mankind is heading for a huge undertaking, something so vast it will not only take your breath away, it will in man ways take away everything you know. In other words, nothing will be left standing in the wake of this tsunami of energy that is already starting to crest off your shores. Make no mistake, we do not refer to this in a literal way, as there will be no scenes like those so convincingly depicted in all of your movies heralding the end of the Earth. This is not the case here, as we refer to something much more complex than mere towers of cascading water crashing ashore. What we refer to, is something that will literally tear down any last vestige of illusion around you, and this cannot be rebuilt again like all of the rubble that is so painstakingly reconstructed in the aftermath of a so-called natural disaster. It will not be reconstructed, because it cannot be put back together again after that implosion of forces that will tear all of these flimsy buildings apart to reveal the rotten foundation they have all been built upon. Not only that, it will also serve to cleanse the very ground beneath to such a degree that only the bedrock itself will be standing when this wave finally subsides.

We speak in metaphors here of course, and this is not a message to run to the hills, not in any way. Those still persuaded that the best way to outlast this incoming storm is to pack up their emergency packs and head to higher ground, or dig themselves deep into a hill, have not even begun to understand what all of this is about. This is not an armageddon as in the biblical definition, or rather, the Hollywood definition, where brave men and women run for their lives whilst saving the cute dog found struggling alone in the street. No, this is a case of total annihilation of a whole system of belief, and no matter how far you run or how deep you dig you will not be able to outrun the impact from this storm. You see, this is all about liberation, not the annihilation of mankind, and as such, so much old garbage needs to be washed away, and washed away for good. This is not a case for gathering up the splintered pieces, clearing up the mess and then putting it all back together again in a semblance of the old world. No, this is about shattering everything into so small pieces it can not ever again be resurrected, no matter how hard some of your fellow humans hope for it. As we have mentioned already, this unveiling and dismantling will be the last straw for so many, as they cannot live with the fact that their whole truth is nothing but falseness masquerading as reality. They will search through the ruins of their ”lost” lives, trying in vain to find something that will bring back the old, but as they realize that it is gone forever, they will collapse into pieces themselves.

Not so you, as you will finally be able to breathe freely again after living under that heavy yoke of oppression, and you will see this tsunami of energy as the liberator, the one thing that will finally lift this heavy weight off your shoulders, almost like the survivors after an earthquake finally feel the debris pressing them down being taken away. That day is not far off now, but as you can see from the metaphors we use, it will not be a calm and gentle process. Rather, it will be a turmoil of feelings washing over you from every angle, and you will need all of the gravity you can muster to keep yourselves firmly planted into the ground and not being swept away. As always, we will be on hand with reassurance and advice, but it is up to each and every one of you to secure your foothold, so best start putting down some firm roots already sweet ones. You never know just when the storm will hit you, so do not stay out in the open unprepared and unprotected.


The manuscript of survival – part 125

As long as you stay tuned to that stillness inside

We have often times come across with messages that mayhaps seems to be rather superfluous to some, but this is not the case for so many out there still struggling to keep their heads above the waters of this swiftly flowing river of change. In other words, we will not cease these missives in any way, but they will be tailored to the needs for those still trying to get a grip on what is going on. Many are after much more detailed messages, they will want confirmation on certain subjects or even certain events that are rumored to happen on certain dates. Well, let us just say that we will continue in this vein for quite a while yet, as there is indeed so much change going on now it will be difficult at times to keep your footing amidst all of this turmoil.

Therefore, those that seek detailed descriptions or let us just call them instructions on what to do and when to do it, you will need to seek elsewhere. This is not a game of set rules, and nothing is written in stone. As we were saying, everything is in flux at the moment, so nothing can be set down according to any rules or timetables. Therefore, this quest for answers and hard facts is futile indeed, as it will only lead to more disappointment. All we can say is that everything is going according to plan, but as our plans differ greatly from your way of thinking about it, it will not make any sense to you. You will see chaos where we see order, and you will see problems where we see possibilities and vice versa. In other words, approaching this from a human, or linear, perspective is impossible. It will be like trying to describe that proverbial elephant whilst being blindfolded and only allowed to touch one part of that huge animal. In other words, you cannot try to wrap your heads around all that is going down now, as your mind has indeed been carefully altered so as not to go outside very defined borders, whereas to us, we are much freer in every sense of the word.

Remember, we have access to not only so much more information, but also to all of the levels of Creation, so the changes you are privy to are only a small part of what is really going on around you. It cannot even be likened to seeing only the tip of the iceberg, as that comparison does not even come close to describe the gap between your abilities to discern things as opposed to what is really taking place.

In other words, try to find that inner knowing, and you will also find peace in this process, even if a period of great turmoil is approaching. Remember, you are only witness to the waves on the surface, but underneath, everything is calm and will stay calm, no matter how much wrath and froth is being churned up by all of those flailing in panic on the surface. As long as you stay tuned to that stillness inside, you will be as calm as the great oceans encircling your little planet, and just as that great body of water, you will be able to stay collected and still even if the wind picks up speed above you. You are but an ocean of joy, but the surface may be littered with detritus from things collapsing around you. Remember that it is only a small part of you thus ”polluted”, but it cannot do anything to compromise your true depths as long as you remember to keep your head down and do not insist on flailing along with the rest of those afraid to drown in their own fear.