Message from John Smallman – 15 Apr 2012

You are, and always have been, God’s beloved children

All are one – because the divine creation is all inclusive, without discrimination of any kind, and the energy field of God’s Love contains all that exists.  Separation is an imaginary construct that you chose to build for your own amusement, and it has brought you much dissatisfaction and suffering.  The time has come for you to let it go and awaken into awareness of your true nature, where you are in complete harmony and fully integrated with one another and with God.

You are always in that state, but for a long time you have chosen to be unaware of it and of the infinite joy that it provides.  Now, amazing assistance, which in your present somnolent state is unimaginable to you, is available to guide you up from the depths of sleep, where all is confusion and alienating disharmony, into the Light.  All that you need to do to avail yourselves of this divine and loving help is to ask for it, and then allow yourselves to feel worthy to receive it.  Unless you grant yourselves the right to see yourselves as worthy, you will continuously sabotage yourselves, and that seriously interferes with your awakening process.

And you do have the divine right to know yourselves as worthy because that is how you were created.  God’s creation, of which you are all essential aspects, is perfect – it could not be anything else because His Nature is infinite, divine perfection.  Therefore, you are all infinitely worthy, majestic beings to whom, at the moment of your creation, He gave all that He is.  He withheld nothing of Himself from you, because He is Love and Love is unitive, all-encompassing, indiscriminating, and eternally expansive – limitless.  Love does not bind, and therefore you are free – free to refuse It, free to ignore It, and free to forget that It surrounds you always, waiting for you to accept It and experience once more the joy of unity with It.

You will remember and you will awaken – because you have a very strong sense that something of great importance is missing from your lives.  And of course it is: the awareness and the experience of being one with God.  That is what you have spent lifetimes trying to figure out, but in the illusion it makes no sense because you feel constantly threatened.  And therefore to offer unconditional love to another, as He does constantly to all of His creation, seems like offering your throat to the blade of another’s knife!  You do not often admit it that clearly to yourselves, but fear does drive most of your human behavior.

The key to releasing yourselves from fear is forgiveness.  When you live unforgivingly you have within you a constant, subliminal, nagging anxiety that the unforgiven ones in your lives may attack you, and so you are forever ready to defend yourselves, and that puts you in a state of fear again, mostly subliminal. On each occasion that you truly forgive another, or even yourselves, you release some of that deep-seated anxiety and the stress that goes with it, and you feel better.

Recall an occasion when you judged a loved one harshly for an error, and later realized that you had overreacted and so forgave the error.  Did you not then feel better for having done so?  And even more so when you saw the relief that loved one felt because of your forgiveness?

Forgiveness is like a healing-balm and its effect is quite miraculous, so do not deprive yourselves of its benefits by holding on to grudges and resentments which fill you with bitterness.  Truly, to withhold forgiveness is insane.  It wounds you, and the wounds just fester within, causing you unnecessary pain and suffering.  When you forgive – truly forgive, with heartfelt compassion – you will be able to see the Light and the beauty shining forth from the one you have forgiven.  And that, of course, is the reflection of the same shining Light that you yourselves share and extend as extensions of God.

You are, and always have been, God’s beloved children.  He sees the suffering you impose upon yourselves by the games you play in your illusory environment, and His one desire for you is that you awaken from the tragic conviction that it is real.  All the assistance that you need to awaken has been provided; you just have to accept it.  Deep within, you know that the behaviors that you regularly engage in make no sense at all as the problems they are supposed to solve just reappear in another form.  If what you are doing does not work, then stop doing it!  Open your hearts and allow the Love that surrounds you to suffuse you and assist you to awaken.  That is God’s Will, and you all do want to do God’s Will.  It is very simple, you can do it, you are going to do it, so delay no longer and move into joy.

With so very much love, Saul.


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