Message from John Smallman – 5 Aug 2012

Focus on the magnificent spirit of these games.

Humanity is waking up!  Friendship and respect are flowing across the planet as never before because so many are taking a very personal interest in the Olympic Games and delighting in the skill and talent displayed by so many dedicated sportsmen and women.  This is an enormous turning point in human relations as the mass appeal of these games inspires people to shelve their differences and focus on what you all have in common – being human on Planet Earth.

This coming together of many varied cultures from all over the world at one location at this moment in your evolution is indeed an event of enormous significance.  Its significance has not yet truly penetrated humanity’s consciousness, but as the games progress and draw to a close, it will become breathtakingly apparent.  New friendships struck up during this period of mass inter-cultural coming together and communication will confirm what many have been feeling for a number of years now, namely that wars and the resultant suffering, disharmony, resentments, and alienation are way past their “sell-by date” and need to be discontinued.

The dishonest arguments with which governments all over the world have succeeded in persuading their citizens that other nations are a threat that must be defended against are rapidly becoming completely ineffective, as people are no longer willing to be so easily misled.  This great coming together of peoples from many nations and cultures for this magnificent sporting event is demonstrating very clearly that they have far more in common with one another than their governments would have them believe, and it is showing them that friendship and mutual respect can solve all the issues that have seemingly turned them into enemies.

Focus on the magnificent spirit of these games and on the tremendous efforts so many have put into making them an outstanding and successful celebration of humanity’s oneness.  Yes, there have been issues of corruption and dishonesty in the preparations leading up to them, but the overwhelming success of this coming together of peoples from all over the world shows very clearly that those issues are not what this is all about.  The media’s role is to inform, but, unfortunately, they delight in focusing on the news that highlights dishonesty and suffering, whereas dishonesty and suffering are only a part of the illusion – they will dissolve into nothingness with the illusion – so focus on the overall success of this great coming together.  Those other issues are distractions that can, if unduly attended to, feed and strengthen the negative and unloving energies that are presently being so effectively weakened by the spirit of the games.

As Light-holders you have the knowledge, the understanding, and, yes, the wisdom to open your hearts to embrace the field of divine Love encircling the planet, and to intensify its effects by engaging in every situation in which you find yourselves with acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, and love.  You chose to be on Earth at this time for just this purpose, and you are being given every assistance from the spiritual realms to ensure that you make a resounding success of it.

Enjoy the celebrations that are so much a part of the games, and enter into them with enthusiasm and grace, because this is the most effective way to ensure that the sense of community and friendship that they are inspiring will intensify and become permanent features of all human relationships as the moment for awakening comes forward to greet you.  Observe with satisfaction the changes in attitudes that these inspiring international games are encouraging and stimulating, and recognize that they are bringing about some of the essential innovations that will nudge you ever closer to awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.


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