The manuscript of survival – part 180

Many new challenges will follow

The topic of time is something we would like to discuss further, as this is mayhaps the most important factor that separates a so-called ”normal” human being from the awakened one. For as you slowly start to regain your footing in your old, higher levels of energy, you will also encounter the somewhat bewildering experience of time in flux. In other words, the time and space continuum will start to behave in very unexpected ways for you, and you will at times have a hard time keeping track of it all. You are used to a slow and steady rhythm of time, where everything seems to be slowly unfolding, and where the speed is constant. Not so any more, as you are literally being swept back and forth on the waves of a different timeline that does not move like as on a fixed track, but more like a river that finds its way along a very varied landscape. So at times, it will be like everything is creeping along almost unbearably slow, like water moving over an almost level ground, while at other times, it will be just like going over the precipice of a high cliff and then ending up churning around in a backwater. In other words, what was once a guaranteed stable factor of your life, will turn into perhaps the most volatile and changing one, and with it, many new challenges will follow.

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a subject that is difficult to comprehend for you all, as it has been something you did not even need to think about as it was such a rigid structure that you could literally navigate after it. But now, time will turn into something that will help you and challenge you in so many ways. We will leave it at that for now, but we will return to this subject in many upcoming messages. That is all for now, we leave.


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