Cloud Paintings going live on 09-09

Astrofreaks proudly present Cloud Painting going live

What better day than 09-09 to go live with a brand new Clouds page. Watch the spectular Cloudpaintings made by Mother Nature herself.

  • Respect for Nature
  • Calling the Dragons
  • Gone with the smoke in the Sky


Beautiful color Blue I love youFly with your wings in the skyI was amazed how the departure of the skybeings into the night was, they were gone like smoke in the sky

 Cloud Painting Phenomena

On some days it can happen that incredible  sky beings suddenly show up in the sky as paintings. I happen to be in the neighbourhood of these events and all I do is take the picture on my camera-phone. I am not the sky-painter. I do not make these pictures with paintsoftware. I just capture these pictures on digital canvas.

Cloud Painting in Amsterdam


I think nature is doing an amazing and intricate job everyday.

I love you in the sky



The Clouds are shot on HTC WildFire S camera phone.

The brand is only choosen for it´s support to Linux and its unparalleled likeness in name of Mother Nature’s best gift.

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