Report Full Moon Activation 28 Dec 2012

28th of December, Last Full Moon of 2012

As most lightworkers got a little weary that nothing happened on 21st Dec, it was a strange phenomena to notice that the activation of this important full moon has been underestimated. It was the last full moon of the year 2012 and gave extraordinary opportunities for healing and clearing.

It was a bit more work as the common focus and the numbers that participated was less than on the 12-12 and the 21-12 but still the energies were there that needed to be grounded in the sacred heart of Mother Earth.

And so eventually this happened. Again it was a huge success and we will be able to tell in good time that a lot of activations did happen between 21-12 and 31-12 and that the energy build up is according to plan.

We are on the right track, keep going and never loose hope.

Aquarius sets the tone
Aquarius sets the tone from now on





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