How Ebola, AIDS, Cancer were created in the CIA Labs

How Ebola, AIDS, Cancer were created in labs in the CIA Labs from the 50s on.

Entire sum up in medical research and biological warfare, thanks to Bonnie who wrote:
“This is not the type of thing I enjoy posting, but I feel it’s something we all need to watch. I did watch all 2 hours, and if you do the same, your world will be flipped upside down most likely, and you may get some answers… It is simply amazing information. The biggest thing is the history lesson, which starts with how we all as children were injected with a polio vaccine (or given orally) which was made with monkey kidney tissue, and we were basically injected with unknown numbers of “monkey viruses” many of which cause cancer.

This was the start of the “cancer epidemic” in the US. The whole thing was swept under the rug, and in trying to find a “cancer vaccine” they developed a cancer weapon, and other viruses as weapons… HIV etc. The really fun fact at the end of the lecture is the fact that the current vaccines are made with aborted fetus tissue (you can read right on the vaccine label), which means that foreign DNA is being injected into our bloodstream, which causes the body to attack itself, and why there is an epidemic of autoimmune disease in addition to the cancer epidemic.”

One of the biggest scandals on the planet, this trauma needs to be healed as it has created so much pain and suffering it is truly unbelievable.

This is the kind of leaders we have and how they truly value humanity.

Wake up!



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