Update by Sheldan Nidle – 26 Feb 2013

These are the last few quiet moments on your world before the exciting times begin

3 Manik, 15 Zac, 9 Eb

Selamat Balik! We come today with some very interesting news! The dark continues in tunnel-vision mode to try desperately to come up with some way to delay what they know is inevitable. Heaven is waiting for the last celestial sign to appear, and once this phenomenon has occurred, we will be expected to act swiftly and sweep the dark’s minions into a place where they can do no more harm. This leaves us with a narrow timeframe before this happens, and so we are double-checking with our diverse allies to make sure that what is shortly to occur is all ready to go as quickly as possible. Our liaison personnel are carrying out a very short checklist and are confirming that all groups are fully prepared. In fact, most of them wish that this date were to arrive sooner than later, but despite this frustration the various groups within your major governments are showing great patience with what to them has been a very lengthy wait. Our ships are daily picking up on the dark’s increasingly desperate global mischief making, and so we are busy doing remedial work to counter the damage that these misdeeds are designed to effect.

Meanwhile, our Agarthan family is also busy with the daily adjustments needed to update your numerous Light chambers. Our goal is to be ready at a moment’s notice to transfer you to your Light-chamber residences in Agartha as soon as Heaven gives us the green light. Until that moment, several preparatory activities are to be carried out by your new governance. These include a startling series of announcements, followed by the instituting of policies that will shake up thoroughly the way your world is run. Most importantly, you will receive a formal proclamation of disclosure which will allow us to begin a series of messages preparing you for our first-contact landings. These are the last few quiet moments on your world before the exciting times begin, because the process of transforming your world, which includes ending a decades-long ‘UFO’ cover-up, will truly rattle your present reality. Presently, Heaven is setting up the last leg of your journey to full consciousness which will require the services of a personal mentor for each one of you. This is someone you can fully trust to educate you in the myriad truths that run counter to what you have been told since early childhood.

A vital part of your graduation into spiritual adulthood is to understand clearly how the Anunnaki and their well-trained minions deceived you for millennia. They used your then-new state of mortality to create a suffocating web of fear to keep you controlled and pliable. This pliability allowed them to basically run rampant over you and twist your world in any way they pleased. This dark construct is now to end, and in its place you will be able for the first time in 13 millennia to create a world that greatly pleases you. But remember that it is to be only a transitional realm, during which time you will be fully informed about what to expect and how to adapt to full consciousness. It is a huge step! As this interim realm takes shape, you will also take on many responsibilities. These you will also need to be prepared for, as they will rapidly move you into an enlightened way of living which will allow you to experience the true nature of your being and to get a clearer understanding of where you are headed. The mindless meanderings of limited consciousness are to come to a most pleasing conclusion!

This rise into a more uplifted way of life is what the next short period is all about. Also, this improved milieu will be more conducive to absorbing what we have to teach you. Your Ascended Masters are to begin a series of teachings elucidating the very nature of the Soul and how it blossoms when exposed to Light. Our contribution will be to explain to you about full consciousness as you need to be very clear about what lies ahead for you. Becoming a fully conscious Being is a delight that is beyond anything you can imagine at present. Together, the Ascended Masters and we will prepare you for this new life; the Light chambers are just the finishing touch. You are a spiritually oriented being, and we need to integrate your physical with your emotional and mental parts, and that is what these chambers do. Each of you requires unique adjustments of a very complex nature. This task will be a joint effort, and then you are to come under the guidance of your Ascended Masters who have been appointed by Heaven to lead you in your first series of missions to bring a permanent peace to this galaxy.

Blessings! We return with Good News! The great event in the Heavens approaches. This phenomenon is very special and its arrival constitutes the start of a new day for all on this most divine orb. When this event has run its course, you are to be free of the stifling miasmas of the dark. You will have new governance, prosperity, and most importantly, your freedom. Your new governance will make a series of announcements that are to change your world, and it is then that we can begin our new service to humanity. The new reality birthed on that day will accelerate a transformation that is to reintroduce sacredness to your lives, permitting you to witness a time of miracles and wonder. It is when Angels will reappear and the voice of Creation will be heard again throughout the land. And it is when you, at long last, emerge from your long amnesia and remember who and what you truly are.

One aspect of our new service is to teach you about the divine nature of physicality and allow you to remember all the special knowledge that you forgot when you were moved from full to limited consciousness. Your gracious return to your natural state will be celebrated throughout Heaven and will fulfill a prophecy made eons ago by blessed Archangel Michael. This stated that a time of darkness was to befall this realm, from which spiritual prison you would be freed some 13,000 years later by the great works of Heaven. This time is now! It is the moment for liberation and joy! The dark and its minions are to be swept away and a new day is to dawn upon Earth. Rejoice, my Sisters and Brothers! Shortly, the great horn of deliverance shall sound; Heaven’s Light shall shine forth, and time for true wonder shall begin!

Your deliverance marks the beginning of new service for all. We have much to teach you and you have much to learn. Breaking out of this long sojourn through amnesia may mean some amount of distress for many of you, as full realization of what you have believed, and what you have done in the name of these beliefs, is likely to cause some anguish. Consequently, we the Ascended Masters are to take up a great wave of forgiveness and grace, and sweep it across all the lands of Earth and into the corners of all hearts that suffer. Draw this healing Light into you and allow it to reconcile the horrors foisted on you by the dark. Then from your heart’s heart let it go with Love. Allow a new Light of joy and oneness to envelop you all, as in this miracle comes the sacred way to tread the final steps of your journey back to the wonder that is full consciousness. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today we continued our weekly messages to you. We have reached a special point where great miracles can finally take place. We come to a pivotal stage of this long journey that began for us then we were instructed to prepare for a mass first contact. Now comes the joy of actually coming forth and walking together to your sacred destinations! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Shambala – Place inside the Earth or in Heaven

Dalai Lama connected to the Inner-Earth

The word ‘Agharta’ is of Buddhist origin. It refers to the subterranean World or Empire in whose existence all true Buddhists fervently believe. They also believe that this Subterranean World has millions of inhabitants and many cities, all under the supreme domination of the subterranean world capital, Shamballah, where dwells the supreme ruler of this empire, known in the Orient as the King of the World. It is believed that he gave his orders to the Dalai Lama of Tibet, who was his terrestrial representative. His messages being transmitted through certain tunnels connecting the subterranean world with Tibet.


From: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Subterranean-Express-Inner-Earth/

Message from John Smallman – 20 Feb 2013

Life in the illusion has been practically lifeless

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Humanity has collectively chosen to awaken.  Of course it could not have chosen to remain slumbering indefinitely, because slumbering is an illusory concept that is only possible in the illusion, but it could have further delayed its decision to wake up.  However, once that decision was made there was no possibility of reversing it, because that decision started the awakening process.


It is a little like raising the blinds on a sunny morning, allowing the daylight to stream in and rapidly clear away the fog of sleep.  Full wakefulness demands your attention and gets it, filling you with energy and enthusiasm for the wonder of Life and all that that makes possible.  It is the greatest of all the divine gifts that your Father has bestowed upon you, because it makes the others meaningful; without Life they would have remained unknown and unappreciated.  Life in the illusion has been practically lifeless, and consequently most of your Father’s gifts to you have remained barely noticed or mostly ignored.  When you awaken they will be instantly there to greet you, and your appreciation of them will burst into bloom.

Life, re-engaged within Reality, offers you astounding prospects the likes of which you presently cannot conceive of, because the limited sense of life and consciousness that you presently experience has no reference point that could meaningfully intimate Reality to you.  You still need to heed the guidance that is offered to you from those in the spiritual realms, advising you to release yourselves from the grasping distractions with which the illusion endeavors to ensnare you, and then focus within, where you will uncover the truth of who you really are.  That is a major step on the ladder to your awakening, so hesitate no longer; take that step and experience the new self-clarity with which it presents you.

Self-clarity is a major opening of your awareness that will occur when you disentangle yourselves from the distractions of the illusion.  Quiet time alone each day is the secret to this task which most of you find very difficult.  The illusion is extremely distracting because it seems to envelop you in every moment while those around you demand your attention either at home, at work, traveling, or during moments of social engagement.  Taking time out, quietly and alone, releases you from these distractions temporarily, and helps you to learn non-attachment, a very useful and essential skill in your task of disentanglement.

Non-attachment allows you to observe the illusion without engaging with it.  This brings you peace, reduces your stress levels, and enables you to avoid becoming emotionally embroiled in other people’s issues, worries, and fears.  Then you can listen compassionately when requested and in so doing enable others to find some inner peace, because with the stable and accepting presence you offer them, they no longer feel a need to defend themselves or hide behind an attacking mask that serves the same purpose.  And voicing their concerns in safety to a compassionate listener helps them to gain some clarity on the issues that are unsettling or disturbing them.  Sharing your love and your Light in this way helps others to open to the loving energies that have always been there for them, but of which they were largely unaware due to the intense distractions that surround them.

You are the Light-bearers, the wayshowers, and the bringers-of-peace; and to carry out that task you must have found your own inner peace.  Doubtless it will still get ruffled from time to time when the tensions others are holding cause emotional outbursts, but the very fact of taking time out daily to de-stress will most assuredly strengthen your resolve to be loving and peaceful whatever situation you may be dealing with.

Occasionally your own sense of being alone, surrounded by others who are seemingly unaware of any of their spiritual aspects, can be daunting for you.  You feel that if you could communicate with another like-minded being it would be uplifting, strengthening your own faith in God’s infinite Love for you.  If you cannot find a human with whom you can share your ideas, your anxieties, or your doubts, then do turn inwards for guidance.  Many allow their sense of aloneness to distract them from their spiritual calling, and they seek solace by joining with others in social activities, but that only serves to move them away from it.  Resist that temptation and go within.  Persist.  Ignore the distractions of the doubting mind — “This is not working” — “I cannot still my mind” — “Why would anyone in the spiritual realms want to help me?” — and you will find some peace and loving warmth because we are there, awaiting your call with compassion and understanding.  We truly want to help when you feel down, depressed, or lonely.  Please call.  We will answer you, and you will feel comforted and supported.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle – 19 Feb 2013

The dark on your planet has not come up against the likes of us before

9 Ahau, 8 Zac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! Your world has moved even closer to its victory over the dark! There are signs everywhere of what is shortly to happen. Your sacred secret societies have compiled the legal instruments to force the major governments of your world to resign. In consonance with this the military and police forces of these nations have come together in secret to assert that each of them is more than ready to use their powerbases to give their respective governments no other choice than to resign when this course of action is called up. This indication will be given when Heaven advises us that the time to do so has arrived. All our liaison personnel stand at the ready to give the long-anticipated command to everyone. Meanwhile, we wait, and look to our heavenly advisors for the signal that it is now the proper time to bring the dark to its knees. This single command will permit the abundance to be delivered, which in turn indicates that the numerous dark governments of your globe are to resign. A batch of legal papers signed weeks ago is ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice. Your deliverance is not far away!

These dark governments are plotting, even as we speak, to find some loophole or other means to further ward off the inevitable long enough to enable them to conjure up a way out of their current dilemma. We are watching them closely and are disinclined to tolerate further forms of defiance. The nuclear options being tested in northeast Asia are a recent example of the ‘other means’ we mentioned above. Do not worry: they are being very carefully monitored, and we fully anticipate the nature and intent of this truly insane gambit. Rest assured that it will come to naught. No one will be permitted to use these primitive weapons against another. The cabal is indulging in saber rattling by use of a most crude and barbaric toy which we can squash when we deem it appropriate. We present this as a warning: the dark cabal and its many forms of chicanery and perfidy are not being indulged; we are simply watching and waiting, and when it is right to act, will act decisively. That time is not yet upon us. What is important is to have the green light from Heaven-and then the rest will follow rapidly.

Our personnel assigned to these sacred tasks are more than ready to create a new, blessed reality for you. The numerous sacred societies and their allies have fashioned a series of profound changes which will transform your present doom-laden realm. Until then we have asked our associates to honor the world as it is. Do not be pulled into any of this dark nonsense as it is scheduled soon to end. As is obvious, the various dark cabals that run your realm are in panic, but their sundry attempts at mischief currently playing out are about to melt away. We are prepared to scoop them up and deliver them to their appropriate destinations where they are to await their comeuppance. You, on the other hand, are being prepared to become fully conscious Beings of Light. Heaven has set up an agenda for this to happen and we are here to carry out the final stages of this grand and sacred plan. The dark on your planet has not come up against the likes of us before and is daily confronted by technologies and abilities of the Light that easily trump the best that these denizens of the dark have to offer.

It truly behooves you to be in joy and gleeful anticipation! Heaven smiles on you, and the Creator has established the means for you to achieve a blessed return to full consciousness. We have been appointed to ensure your deliverance from these still-erring ones; their dire workings are to be stricken from your realm and Heaven will then champion your new Light-filled world and extend to you the means to rejoin your space and, especially, your spiritual families. These ‘coming attractions’ are sacred events which free you from those who consider you to be less than them, and who intended to turn you into perpetual slaves of their rampant insanities. It was eventually to lead to a massive death toll, designed to decrease your global population to around one-tenth of the present number, and those who survived were to envy the dead. This will not happen. By Heaven’s decree you are to move rapidly into a realm of joy, prosperity, and a sacred respect for individual sovereignty. The time has come for all this to manifest upon Earth!

Blessings of Health and Joy to all! We are your Ascended Masters! Various elements of our prosperity program are ready to emerge from the silence presently demanded of us by Heaven. The major organizations created since the end of World War II have been legally disbanded. We are now using our blessed energies to prepare our sacred societies to replace the current leaders with our own. This is expected shortly. Heaven has also informed us to alert those who are preparing to immediately replace the current economic system to get ready to act, as the final series of phenomena are now precipitating in the heavens. These events are to invoke the formal termination of the agreement signed nearly 13,000 years ago. You are on the brink of a most magnificent time in your blessed history. The gracious blessings of Heaven are now to manifest and, in the blink of an eye, thrust you into a new reality redolent with Love and Light!

Bear in mind that your new economic system is merely a stopgap. It is designed to prepare you to accept unending prosperity and teach you that the debt economy with its many abrupt reversals and insecurities are a way for the dark to control you. This quicksand realm in effect was a grand illusion, promulgated by solemn pledges on the part of government to lower national debt and bring you temporary prosperity. In truth, global prosperity has always been possible from the beginning and it is an illusion to believe otherwise. The amount of gold available was kept hidden for manipulative purposes, and the same is true of diamonds and so-called precious metals and stones. The availability of these commodities was limited to create a contrived definition of wealth and enforce the concepts of scarcity, poverty, and debt. You possess the ability to bring forth a cornucopia of wealth and to enjoy a luxurious life. The key is to learn to Love and care for each other!

In this wonderful world that is preparing to appear, you will become able to care deeply for each other and for Mother Earth. Inside your home world lies Agartha which is a 5-D realm. Heaven is now to allow Mother Earth to extend this realm out to her surface world. This means that each of you requires a transformation into a fully conscious, 5-D state of being. This transformation is underway, and the blessed changes being wrought in you are the true means to convert you into this divine and immortal Being. Much will be required of you. You will take on a raft of new duties, and in this we are prepared to teach you much that is key to understanding who you are to become. We invite you to accept this proposition and to discard gleefully all the bunkum that the dark has fed you through the ages. Use your innate wisdom to validate the truths that Heaven is to show you, and come to understand just what amazing children of the Divine you are destined to become!

Today we brought you more information about what is happening on your world. Our space and spiritual families are here to complete the divine task of transforming your reality back into a condition that is sacred and blessed by Heaven. The moment is upon you for a most well deserved blessing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Message from John Smallman – 17 Feb 2013

As you come into alignment your energy fields undergo a dramatic shift

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These are exciting times for humanity as the intensifying energies of the New Age swirl around you, sweeping you up into an increasing awareness of your spiritual heritage: your oneness with one another and with God.  Focus on the sensations that they inspire — an awakening realization that Love is the answer to every question, to every problem, to every conflict, to every confusion, to every fear . . . because there is only Love.  That realization, stirring within the hearts of even the most staunch believers in the reality of the illusion, is leading you irrevocably homewards.


Love . . . Love . . . Love is where you need to focus your attention, because It is the divine energy field in which all of creation is conceived. It is abundant, kind, generous, inclusive, utterly accepting; and It contains all sensations – sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, and an infinite selection beyond those – which provide the constant experience of beauty and inspiration, gift-wrapped in Love, that your Father has created for your infinite fulfillment.

You can see from the reports on the mainstream media that there is still much behavior and activity across the world that can at best and most compassionately be described as unloving.  However, the vast majority of humanity is finding it increasingly unacceptable as the embers of the original flame of Love within them stir and nudge them towards the awareness that will lead them to awaken.  You are on course and on schedule for your grand awakening as you release anything within you that is not in alignment with God’s infinite Love for you.

Many of you are now finding that sensations of irritation, anger, even extreme rage, are among the unattractive moods and feelings that are rising up into your awareness to discombobulate and unsettle you.  Do not engage with them; they will pass, although it can be helpful to scream, bang on drums, or hammer on unyielding surfaces to help with releasing the forceful and seemingly uncontrollable energies that have been set in motion.  Do not project them onto others, even though something another has done may seem to have been the trigger that roused your ire and consequently makes it seem justifiable.  These feelings are invariably ones that you have suppressed, buried, or denied, either because they seemed unacceptable or because it would have been too dangerous for you to express them at the moment they originated.

This is what psychology refers to as the shadow side.  Every human has a shadow side, and it has to be fully integrated if you are to release the feelings of unworthiness, guilt, and shame that have accumulated over your many life-times.  In the illusion there are countless opportunities to cause enormous harm to another or others – pain, intense suffering, death.  What you have done in these circumstances is illusory, but because it appears so real it brings with it intense feelings of shame, guilt, and anger – anger with yourselves, which you seek intently and constantly to justifiably project onto others.  Frequently, opportunities occur that apparently justify your rage, as you observe the unacceptable and gross misbehavior of others.  When this happens remind yourselves that all are one!

Feelings of anger, guilt, and shame have to be acknowledge and accepted as your own.  Initially, that can seem not only impossible but quite wrong: without doubt others are to blame for the anguish you have experienced!  But as you allow these intense feelings space in your awareness so that you can observe them, you will realize with amazing clarity that this area of heartache is crying out to be comforted and loved by you – it is often referred to as your inner child.

Instead of moving into those feelings of wretchedness and attacking whoever is conveniently to hand, compassionately offer yourself the comfort and solace for the suffering you have undergone which was unavailable or denied to you at the moment of your pain.  As you begin to comprehend what has brought you to this state, you will perceive with the eyes of an adult, and realize that those who impose pain and suffering are, themselves, in great pain . . . and you will find compassion for them.  When that happens, an opportunity opens up within you to forgive: first yourselves, for any unacceptable things you may have said or done; and then others who have hurt you, your loved ones, or humanity at large.  The dawning of this realization is a moment of tremendous healing for you, and as you are healed, your ability to express compassion and love expands enormously.

This healing allows you to open your hearts ever more fully in love, as your understanding of the insanity of what has come to be regarded by so many as normal behavior enables you to offer others only love and compassion — whatever the situation.  This is you coming more fully into alignment with the energies of the divine field of Love enveloping you.  And as you come into alignment your own energy fields undergo a dramatic shift: compassion and love flow through you and from you without effort, assisting all who come into contact with you to bring their energy fields increasingly into alignment with the divine one.  And it is precisely this that you are on Earth to do.

When you feel overwhelmed by the suffering you observe throughout the world, remind yourselves immediately that Love is the solution, that It is flowing vigorously and compassionately throughout the whole observable universe, healing and comforting all who open to It.  Doing this reopens your hearts — which you were allowing to close in response to your sense of overwhelm — as God’s Love fills them once more.  Remind yourselves that you are never alone and can never be alone because you are all essential and inseparable parts of God’s creation, united with Him in every moment of your eternal existence.  And rejoice!

With so very much love, Saul.

From: http://johnsmallman.wordpress.com/


Venezuelan Governments’ Inexplicable Silence in Relation to Inner Earth Accounts

Inner Earth in Venezuela

The book ”Mysteries of the Andes”, by Robert Charroux, contains an unusual story about two Venezuelan volcanoes which have been subjected to secret scientific investigations. Page’s 106-108 has the following:

‘The Agartha, that mysterious underground kingdom that, according to the writer Ossendowski, lies under the Himalaya’s, is now also in South America if we are to believe certain traditions. It was perhaps this South American Agartha that Harry Gibson, a Venezuelan pilot, saw during a routine flight in 1964, at the bottom of two craters in the jungle somewhere between the Sierra Maigualida and the Orinoco River.


‘It is a strange story, and one would be tempted to place it in the same category as reports of imaginary kingdoms — El Dorado, Paititi, Moricz’s tunnel – if it had not been taken very seriously by two respected archeologists, David Nott Rofi Liverpool and Charles Brewer Carias, assisted by Venezuelen Air Force and ten scientists from different nations.

‘The craters are near the sources of the rivers Caura and Ventuari, and two mountains known as Pava and Masiati, at the edge of the Sierra Pacaraima. The volcanoes have been extinct for thousands… of years, so scientists hope to find plant and animal life in them that has long since disappeared from the rest of the world.

‘In January 1974 a first three-member team went down into one of the craters, about a thousand feet deep and twelve hundred feet wide. They brought back living plants and animals of species that were either unknown or had been extinct since the Mesozoic.

‘The two craters are connected by an underground passage nearly a mile long. According to unverified rumours, it is stillin use, because traces of recent activity were found in it.

‘So much for the openly announced part of the discovery. The most important results are being kept secret by the Venezuelan scientific authorities, for mysterious reasons. This secrecy has given rise to private inquiries among the people living in surrounding mountains, whose local names are Jaua-Jidi and Sari Inama-Jidi. Fantastic legends concerning the mystery of the two craters have been gathered…

‘The rgeion of Jaua-Jidi is a dense, very sparsely inhabited forest. It has been difficult for Venezuelan investigator to make contact with the primitive people who live there. They shun outsiders, speak an unknown language and do not understand Spanish. Half-breeds from the town of Esmeralda, on the Orinoco, have been able to approah them, however.

‘Strange people wearing strange clothes have been seen several times in the forest of Jaua-Jidi, one of the reported. They seem unwilling to approach the Indians and they venture only a short distance way from the craters. Their skin is the color of yellowed ivory; they have big eyes, like a jaguar’s, and long hair of different colors. They seam fearful and run away whenever they hear an unusual sound. They are thought to live at the bottoms of the craters and in vast underground rooms, with secret entrances in the forest.’

‘Other reports would seem to indicate that the people of the kingdom of Two Craters’ are in almost constant contact with space beings, but it should be pointed out that sightings of flying saucers are more common in Central and South America that any where else in the world.

‘The Indians of the forest say that at night the trees on the rim of each volcano are illuminated by a soft green light that apparently comes from the bottom. Occasionally something, that looks like a ‘little round airplane’ comes out of the darkness, enters the green halo and disappears into the volcano.

‘Two or three nights before David Nott, Brewer Carias, G. Dunsterville and their companions came to the site, intensified activity by the flying ‘things’ was observed. They were as numerous as a swarm of bees but, perhaps because of their distance from the observers, they flew without making any discernible sound.

‘The Indians felt that the strange people were receiving heavy reinforcements, or else that they were moving out before the archaeologists came. In any case they left little trace of their presence in the underground passages, but enough to give convincing evidence that their existence is not a myth. The Indians believe that the ‘Kingdom of the Two Craters’ extends under the mountains and that, for the time being, its entrances are tightly closed.

‘In Lima, Zizi Ghenea told me that a little forest of trees extinct everywhere else grew inside the caves and the craters, and that in it lived animals from the Tertiary.

‘What is strange about the whole affair, in which legend is mingled with fact, is the Venezuelan governments’ inexplicable silence and secrecy in which the expedition’s report has been kept.

Article found on http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Subterranean-Express-Inner-Earth/377858655616927