NASA Curiosity Finds Nazi Helmet On Mars

Nazi Helmet On Mars

Truth is stranger than fiction.

What if this is true, OMG nazi’s on Mars.
That sounds like a excellent B-movie. I would love to see it made or even better watch the truth about the secrecy around ufo’s be revealed. And even if the truth is not what has been told in the schools and newspapers, let it be known for what it is and what the future holds..
I suppose this kind of message from NASA is a so called soft-disclosure. I think this is actually pretty big. The implications of this being revealed are historical.
So here is the message from NASA:
NASA Curiosity photo shows a mysterious object that looks like a Nazi helmet among the rocks of Mars. The image appears to show a Army helmet Nazi that casts shadow on the rocky surface of Mars. NASA has not yet made ​​any official comment about the ‘discovery’.

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