Update from David Wilcock – 22 Aug 2013


Dramatic new evidence reveals that a secret alliance of US military personnel are working to expose and defeat the Federal Reserve — and the occult cabal of bankers and industrialists who run it.

The hacker group Anonymous has now gone public with its connection to the US military.

Vital new historical insights into this alliance are also presented here — for the first time in well over a decade.

More surprises are very likely to be in store. These new developments were predicted in David’s new book, now available for you to read!


Is there any hope for humanity? Or are we doomed — heading into a bottomless pit from which there is no escape?

A wealth of solid, provable evidence reveals that we are indeed on the brink of spectacular changes — for the positive.

Comprehensive new evidence has exposed a natural cycle that affects human behavior — on an individual and collective level.

This cycle is older than the Earth itself — and is written into the basic laws of space, time, matter and energy.

The positive outcome of the events we are now seeing will be generated by laws as consistent and absolute as gravity itself.



The idea of cyclical time is nothing new — but the science to prove that it is real, and how much it affects us, certainly is.

Synchronicity is not only happening in our own lives, such as through the Law of Karma. It is affecting us on a global level as well.




Karma is about to strike the planetary elite — big time. The signs of what is about to happen are becoming increasingly clear — and it will be very significant.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle – 20 Aug 2013

The first item on this agenda is to liberate you from any type of slavery

9 Ik, 5 Uo, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! We return! Your world is engrossed in the final stage of a conflict which began when the Anunnaki left their dark on-planet minions to fend for themselves and joined the ranks of the Light. This abrupt switch caused mass chaos among the different groups of power elites on your world for nearly half a decade. The advent of the second Bush administration temporarily gave an edge to the pro-western cliques of the dark minions over their Asian counterparts, but now the tide has turned and those who possessed power long before the hegemony of the West are reclaiming their former places of authority. However, this time their focus has shifted from internecine considerations to a wider arena: the establishing of a new financial and monetary system for the entire planet, including new global governance. Various enactments such as NESARA are prototypes of what is planned. The intention behind such massive change is to transform your realm in preparation for our arrival, so that once we are here we can hasten your path to full consciousness. The first item on this agenda is to liberate you from any type of slavery, and there are many forms that presently burden you.

The most overt form of slavery is your legal and financial systems, so these will be the first ones to be remedied. Restoring your innate sovereignty is predominant in our actions. Beginning with the material aspects, there will be full debt forgiveness, universal prosperity, an end to illegal taxation, and a formal government declaration of a new form of governance. Only then are you to be restored completely to your natural, Creator-given rights. Once your lives are filled with prosperity and survival issues are put to flight, you will be able to recognize the deep need within you for answers to many things, including what we have to offer you. There is so much for you to learn about, and your individual mentors and we are gladly anticipating candid and open-ended discussion between us. As we answer your questions they will lead to new questions, and so vast new perspectives will open out before you. Like hungry shoppers entering a very upmarket delicatessen, so many different, exotic kinds of spiritual ‘food’ will suddenly be available to you! And indeed, you will require this factual nourishment to enable you to understand fully what Heaven has planned for you, including the nature and unending wonders of full consciousness.

We are being asked to change your environment and transform you back into your natural state. It is your right to be surrounded by all the knowledge you can absorb before this sacred operation sweeps you up into a most divine matrix. Since your inception on Vega millions of years ago, all the cosmos was open to you in your natural state of Beingness, and now this sacred gift is to be returned to you. As a sovereign being, you can begin to glimpse the exquisite state that Heaven desires for you, and so we come not just to transform but to mentor you as well. Bear in mind that what is happening to you is a unique occurrence: normally, such dispensations are not available to those who have been tangled up so deeply and for so long in the dire throes of limited consciousness. However, your unique blueprint and history warrant this gift and also our involvement. There is so much to talk about in such a short timeframe, and we are fully prepared to deal with any challenges that this time-squeeze produces. To this end we are busy setting up the means to give you the information you require.

The coming time will be full of well-earned victory celebrations for all the many alliances involved with the Light. Above all, we very much look forward to finally meeting you! We established links with the diverse divine Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods of the Light and your personal galactic mentors have been specially trained to work closely with your Ascended Masters. Your mentors will be able to liaise quickly with the many Orders of Ascended Masters to get the answers that you request from them. This access to information is only one of many connections that your mentors will be privy to as we are ready to furnish you with a full accounting of all you need to prepare you for full consciousness. A no-holds-barred dialogue with us will logically come first; next, the process of transforming you back into your original divine blueprint which will take place in Agartha, followed by a thorough training in full-consciousness etiquette. Then you will be ready to experience moving to other planets in the solar system, if you so desire, and setting up your own unique star-nation.

Blessings, dear Hearts! We are your Ascended Masters and we come to bring you much good news! Those who have been working hard to expel the dark cabalists from power have won another legal victory: all the cabal’s principle minions are under threat of imminent detention. Further, the major agreements pertaining to the setting-up of the new monetary system are done, and documents are shortly to be signed which will establish the procedure for replacing the world’s fiat currencies with hard ones. These agreements will be implemented once the required signatures are in hand. Each nation is to receive a portion of the bullion presently held in vast secret depositories and this will guarantee its new hard currency requirements. Another issue to be resolved was the date upon which this was to be done, and this is now decided; however, the timing will remain under wraps until this activity is completed.

At this time we Ascended Masters are finishing preparations for teaching humanity about the truths long kept secret behind the facade of a number of your philosophies. These questionable systems of thought have been the validation for various activities and policies enacted by your major governments. The secret truths, however, are in fact the key to the way your reality operates and it is time that you are reacquainted with them. Our mission is to prepare each of you for the holy journey to full consciousness, the first step of which is the change of governance, followed by disclosure and the unveiling of a host of secret technologies. In this atmosphere of revelations and unveilings, we can freely begin our global teachings, some of which will blow apart the core concepts that your major philosophies espouse. In our teachings will be found the divine truths that are to set your reality free!

Our mission is to reestablish the hallowed link between this reality and Heaven. Each one of us has taken the sacred ascension path in order to be able to teach and guide you at this time, and we are ready to assist you in your massive transformation. The process of returning you to full consciousness is not only a sacred Ascension in itself but it also exposes you to huge amounts of information concerning the ways of Heaven. As a new fully conscious Being you will be able to draw on prodigious levels of dedication and focus within yourselves and you will find this easy to acquire with the specialist training you are to receive. Heaven has created a full-consciousness-etiquette school that all will attend when you leave your Light Chambers. All who gain full consciousness pass through its halls and are filled with awe and delight at the marvels to be discovered there. All this awaits you!

Today, we continued to update you on what is happening. The dark has been pushed onto the very parapets of the enormous fortress it built from which it rules you. This is part of the process that will shortly bring you the freedom, prosperity, and the sacred rights that all of you so graciously deserve. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Message from John Smallman – 13 Aug 2013

How many of you have daily “to do” lists?

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We are all enlightened beings; some of you have just forgotten that.  Never mind . . . you will awaken and a most wonderful realization will dawn on you as Reality fills your awareness and your natural state of being fully conscious blossoms.  It is as though your natural state of existence had been resting, asleep, and a reduced state had been on standby during that moment.  Its abilities were severely limited because it was only there to keep things ticking over; it did not have to do anything.  And you, in order to awaken, do not have to do anything.


You have only to allow yourselves to let go of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that you have held on to for many lifetimes, and which no longer serve you.  It truly is very simple.  However, your grip on those outmoded aspects of yourselves, which you believed were essential for your safety and survival, has, over the years and lifetimes, seemingly welded them to you.  It has not – but you do need to focus on unclenching, on loosening your grip on them, and after spending all that time holding on tightly, letting go is perhaps more than a little unsettling.

Ask your guides for help to show you, or bring to your attention, those aspects to which you are clinging and that no longer serve you, and ask for help to want to release them.  Often you have held on to them for so long that they can seem like essential parts of yourselves, making you feel that if you release or discard them, there will be no you left.

What you identify with as yourselves, as you live your human lives, is frequently just a mask, a very firmly attached mask, displaying your beliefs, your prejudices, and your opinions which are so firmly embedded and ingrained that you have come to identify with them.  It almost seems that you are them because they have blocked out your self-awareness, your awareness of your true divine Self.  Thus it may seem that if you discard the mask there will be no one left.  Of course this is not the case. Your true Self is not noisy, it is quiet, peaceful, relaxed, undemanding, and joyful, but you are so used to being driven by shoulds and musts that the peace and quiet you experience when you release them is shocking: you enter a vast space inside that seems empty, and your inclination is to immediately fill it up!

When you take time out daily to meditate you are allowing yourselves to enter that inner space of peace and quiet.  Sometimes it is very inspiring and uplifting for you, but more often you are conscious of trains of unending thought flowing through you which you try, without too much success, to disperse or disregard.  Spending time daily in that space, a set time – five minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes, even an hour – that you have agreed with yourselves is appropriate or adequate can, in and of itself, be a major block that prevents you from entering that space.

You may find it more helpful to decide first thing each day, when you have woken up and are planning your day, to agree with yourselves that you will take time out whenever too much stress builds up, or whenever you are waiting for a late client, for a bus or train, or for the lights to change – any moment that “needs!” filling, or that is not filled with physical or mental activity – and just use that for your meditation practice.  Removing the “should,” the responsibility for meditating for a fixed time at a fixed time can be very freeing.  And when you feel free, wonders can be experienced.

The purpose of life is joy.  But most of you are so weighed down with anxieties and responsibilities that the thought of finding joy in your lives seems ludicrous.  What is ludicrous is that you allow yourselves to be so driven.  Yes, you allow yourselves to be driven, because being driven is a state of mind that you choose to accept and which you can change, instantly, should you choose to.  But for many of you being driven has become normal, so normal that you cannot imagine not being driven.

Things need to get done; that is part of your human life experience, but you do not have to allow those things, situations, or people to manipulate you into driving yourselves.  What often happens is that you are in a situation and your mind wanders – “I have to get bread . . . the laundry . . . I am going to be late for that appointment” – and then snaps back, and it seems that you missed something important as you are asked a question that you did not hear, or you just lost a little more of your precious but severely limited time.  Your mind starts to race and a state of overwhelm envelops you.  Does this feel familiar?  And so often you think that there is nothing that you can do about it.

How many of you have daily “to do” lists?  Lists that you never succeed in completing?  That in itself is telling you something very important.  Possibly you often strike off half the items or more before you start or as the day progresses, and it becomes apparent that you cannot do them all.  For a change make the choice not to have a list.  At first, that may cause anxiety, an increase in your stress levels, a sense of playing truant, but when you have given yourselves permission to do without one, you will gain a sense of freedom.  Once you get over the guilt of feeling free, which should take only a moment, joy will flood in.  It may not last, but it will demonstrate to you that joy is possible.

When the truth of that realization sinks in you will find your selves far more willing to listen to the real you, the you that wants to be loved and loving, and which knows that that is its true state, and you will ease up on yourselves.  You will deliberately choose not allow yourselves to be driven by yourselves, situations, or other people, and a more peaceful sense of freedom and rightness in the now moment will envelop you.  Then you will be ready to awaken into Reality, and the short waiting-period before that happens will become a joy and not a trial.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Update by Sheldan Nidle – 13 Aug 2013

Our on-planet and inner planet brethren are in the final stages of completing what can only be described as an urgently needed miracle

2 Men, 18 Pop, 10 Caban

Dratzo! We come! Much is progressing around your world. First, those who are busy rooting out the dark have successfully obtained the means to indict the leaders of your world’s major governments and this dovetails well with the various legal torts (the right of action for damages) that are setting up a new financial system and putting the fiat, debt-brokered system out of business. Despite much dark opposition in the courts, these legal instruments have surmounted the many litigious obstacles placed in their way by the dark-controlled court-system. This significant achievement is allowing your new reality to begin to take shape, assisted by several new organizations that have been created to facilitate a new monetary and governmental system. Those responsible for these legal and financial maneuvers are wealthy, possess the logistical resources, and above all, are armed with a superbly thought-out and comprehensive plan; those who have had the opportunity to review parts of it are thoroughly impressed with its vision and exhaustively detailed plan of execution. However, the challenge all along has been how to overcome the vast, entrenched control mechanisms with which the dark rules your planet, and which cannot be breeched without the backing of the forces of Light. This backing is now in operation.

The Earth allies’ plan to expel the dark and its minions from power has taken time to get to its present state of viable operation, and owes a debt of gratitude to the many courageous ones who were willing to take on the then-seemingly invincible dark-controlled regimes around the globe. It took three major legal efforts before the present one met with success. The first torts were flung out of the dark-controlled statute courts (originally set up for wartime exigencies only but never rescinded). The second lawsuit, involving meticulously researched material, was again given the boot for non-compliance with certain trumped-up procedural requirements. It was only recently that Heaven permitted us to use our power and influence to ‘level the playing-field’ in the courts and give our allies a fighting chance of success. This leg-up achieved its purpose and a general legal proceeding was at last instigated. After years of improper rulings to protect the rich and powerful, headway began to be made, and after more years of our assistance, the present successful conclusions were reached.

These legal successes bolster the progress being made with the new hard currencies and the new rules for the global financial system. Again, our backing allowed those who hold jurisdiction over vast deposits of precious metals and stones required to back the new system to come forth and, in the strictest secrecy, to set up a plan to transform your debt-based financial system. This planning is now complete. Furthermore, new, creative ways to introduce the hard currencies and implement the new system are even now becoming law around your planet. The apparent slow-down is being caused by the colossal complexity of shifting the running of an entire planet into a new gear with minimal disruption to supply-lines and infrastructure. So much is to happen almost simultaneously! In the face of this the many groups responsible for carrying out these changes are nevertheless coming together over timelines and are now armed with the requisite documentation to effect a rapid financial and governmental segue. With us at their backs, a new world is beginning to take form around this most precious globe!

These various operations are shaping up to be the pivotal first domino that will very shortly lead to first contact and all that that implies. Our on-planet and inner planet brethren are in the final stages of completing what can only be described as an urgently needed miracle. Bear in mind that the controlling dark elites have believed for eons that what is about to happen was impossible, as they controlled the courts, the governments, and the entire global economy. Only recently did Heaven permit us to engage significantly with the dark establishment to turn the tide of Earth affairs. As a result, we have divested the dark of its great resources and its means of callously destroying its opposition. These inroads into its vast defenses have also forced it to confront the fact that its immunity from accountability is no longer in play and its old tried-and-true maneuvers are no longer working. Even new schemes are failing to achieve the expected results. The specter of failure looms ever larger over their panicked heads as the Light continues ever more forthrightly to reclaim her rightful dominion!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters and we come with good news! The final phases of manifesting your new monetary system are coming into view. At the same time that your financial structures are seen to be crumbling, the legitimacy of the world’s governments are also being perceived to be wanting and are being reviewed. Over the eons, the dark created ‘special circumstances’ to validate the creation of de facto governments that were open to manipulation by special interests, such as large banks, wealthy individuals, and international corporations. This de facto governance was thus deeply flawed in concept and intent, and lacked the moral and spiritual substance to serve its countrymen. Its sole object of pursuit was to further the self-interests of the rich and powerful. This travesty of government needs to be replaced with one that upholds the growing consciousness and spirit of the age, and that supports and promotes the incoming Age of Light and the peoples of this reality.

Our role at this time is to provide the moral and spiritual guidance for your ascension process. Sadly, those presently running your world are dedicated to preventing this at all costs and possess a great many resources to carry out this most improper agenda. However, we too possess a most blessed resource: our space family. Heaven brought them here to provide the powerful back up needed to neutralize this intractable dark force. This backing gives us the opportunity to launch our program to oust the dark minions and create a new world for all humanity. This galactic element allows us to get our new financial and governmental systems into operation, which instantly alters the political, financial, and economic landscape of your entire planet and lets the tyranny that has strangled humanity for 13 millennia fade like a nightmare. The new world that will appear is the precursor to your magnificent, fully conscious one.

In this post-nightmare world we can come forward and begin to set straight so many falsehoods that were force-fed you by the dark, and explain the many hidden facts and truths about who you really are and where you are going. The path to full consciousness that you presently travel is in fact only returning you to your original divine blueprint. As you engage more fully with the Light you will find many lost memories of past lives returning to you. Abilities and natural talents that you did not know you possessed will likewise come to the fore, and it is here that we can also be of help as we guide you through these surprises safely and easily. During this time we will remove the spiritual and material ‘roadblocks’ to this divine process of change and you will meet your Spiritual, Inner Earth, and Space families. You will learn about a historical big picture that will ‘knock your socks off,’ as you say. All these things will bring you great joy and a feeling of deep well-being.

Today, we brought you a report from our first-contact board about recent developments on your world as well as a discussion from your Ascended Masters. Be ready for a number of events designed to alter your global reality forever and to set the stage for a very different one! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Message from Ron Head – 13 Aug 2013

Be proud of who you are and humble in your manner. Your time is now

Channeled by Ron Head: Michael, with and for Creator

The time has now come for you to accept your own divine nature.  It will now become increasingly important, as well as easier, for you to do this.  Do not, however, confuse this with an increase in the less desirable traits of your ego natures.  This is not to be reasoned with your intellects, but felt in your hearts.  And when felt there, to be accepted by you, to be acknowledged.

here I am

It is no longer a time when playing small, when believing the incorrect concepts about your natures is in your best interests.  Of course it never was, but your world now needs your abilities and your better selves as much as you do.  Telling you this will quite likely awaken any remaining dread, fear, and doubt that still linger in your hearts.  Look at them squarely, thank them for their service in keeping you from the fray in prior times, and send them home to be reborn as courage, confidence and belief in yourselves.

Do not rest until you have found the feeling of self-worth that will arise when you understand at last who you truly are.  You really did ask to come here.  You truly did desire to witness and participate in this unfolding.  You truly are the very best choices for this time.  You are.

Feel these words in your heart and cherish them.  Feel, as well, the boundless love that we send you as you read this.  Build in your hearts a special place to keep this feeling.  Knowing that you will need to feel it many times, store it there for your future.  We will keep it replenished with love and power, with the eternal support which is ours to give.

We do not urge you to do anything other than what your own personal heart feels that you need to do.  Let that, which is guided by your own history and understanding, be your guide.  You are each as unique as the grains of sand.  That is as it should be and it is what is needed.  Just be yourselves, but begin now to be the very best selves that you can imagine.  And know, as we do that you are never, never alone in the process.

It is possible to be humble and proud at the same time.  Be proud of who you are and humble in your manner.  Your time is now.

Michael  It is our honor to bring you these words.  Go in peace.  Good day.

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Message from John Smallman – 11 Aug 2013

All in the spiritual realms are rejoicing, because we have missed You

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You and I, humanity, God, the Source of all being, are One, because all that exists is contained within the infinite field of divine Love beyond which there is not and never can be anything else, anything at all.  Creation, God, the field in which everything is, is complete, and paradoxically, is forever expanding.  There are no limits.  It is as simple as that, and yet it is far more complex than you can possibly imagine.


When you awaken into Reality, what you are and who you are will start to become apparent, and it will utterly delight, astonish, and amaze you, and You.  You are eternal – an immortal being forever One with God, and yet You have been experiencing, through Your own choice, an intense sense of separation, a state that is impossible: individuality, followed by death.  Just know, as in truth you do, that there is only Life; there are no alternatives.  Knowing that, as You do, there is no need, reason, or justification for fear and all its adjuncts.  There is only God and you, and You are to awaken into the Reality of that because collectively You have made the choice and the decision to allow the illusion to dissolve.

Oneness is a state of pure, unadulterated joy, and nothing can interfere with it, change it, remove it, or hide it.  It is constantly aware, alive, and loving, but You chose to pretend that this was not so, and have endured seemingly interminable suffering as a result.  Finally, as the depths of separation were experienced in Your ongoing nightmare, You made the choice to awaken and thereby to return to Love. That decision was made the instant You chose to imagine separation, but in that instant the whole history of the illusion was contained.

God is completed in You, and You in God, and that completeness is indissoluble, permanent, everlasting.  It is the only state, or condition, although You have for a short while, an extremely short while, refused to acknowledge it by hunkering down into an imaginary environment that you constructed within a very small section of your collective Mind, and then lowering the curtain behind You, closing out the Light of God’s Love, Reality.  Without His Love, which is impossible, all would be extremely dark, and that is what You chose to experience.  Now You are preparing to raise the curtain and let in the Light of His eternal Love for You, and all in the spiritual realms are rejoicing, because we have missed You.

You and you, Us and You, Us and you are confusing terms for a very confusing situation.  We are all eternally present to one another; many faces, many minds, and yet only One Mind, the Mind of God.  All these terms of separation, pronouns – I, he, she, we, you, they, in upper case and lower case – are confusions of the illusion, and in Reality are absolutely meaningless.  And yet we, all the infinite aspects of God, our Source, do play and interact within the One.  It is a state of infinite joy to which you are returning after what seems to you like an extremely long sojourn overseas, or in a totally different universe.

It has been but momentary, because Our Father would not allow His beloved to suffer, but your experience of it, by Your own choice, has seemed interminable.  And because of that it gives us great joy to know that your “ungodly” experience is almost over for you.  In truth we have not been concerned because of course we fully understand the unreality of it.  Nevertheless it has grieved us to see you apparently suffering severely and grimly, even though, and also because, it has been by Your own choice.  As the moment for your awakening approaches our joy intensifies.

With so very much love, Saul.

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