The return of Marduk

The return of Marduk

I took me a while to figure out what was going on in South Africa with all the world leaders meeting at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, but after some research it all makes sense.

World leaders and Bono meeting up for the Nelson Mandela funeral.


This should immediately raise the red flag for fishy business.
Whenever Bono and the Bushes and presidents meet up it means Illuminati get-together

What about the rumours on the internet that Nelson Mandela already died in June?

And then the cryptic message from Montague Keen last Sunday

“It is public knowledge that the Illuminati are meeting in South Africa on Monday 16th December 2013, in an attempt to establish new and more effective controls over you.”

And this quote:
“The Dark Ones await the return of MARDUK on 16th December, to save them from the 99%”

Marduk is the Dark overlord of the Illuminati.

Why did all the world leaders go to South Africa on the 16th of December. Was perhaps Marduk himself present?

On 16 December every year the sun shines down through a small hole in the centre of the Voortrekker Monument roof, onto the Cenotaph, lighting up the enscribed words: “Ons vir jou Suid Africa” (“We for thee, South Africa”). Many thousands of South African’s travel from a far for this special memorial event.

Then we have the Mandala interpreter going mad by being in the presence of all the world leaders. Mainstream media “solves” the issue by calling him crazy and fake, but what if what he did see in his so called hallucinations was the truth. He must have seen demons that were being summoned.

It is more than normal to freak out by being in the presence of all these Dark Lord fearing their end-time. That must have been a powerful energy there, so no wonder he got more than shaky.

What is becoming more and more clear is that the Dark Lords play again a very strong game of smoke and mirrors to meet in secret.

This story is not finished yet. And I do not have all the evidence and facts but do some research for yourself and you will be more than shocked.

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