Comet ISON on 28th Dec

Signs of return? Star Dust

I took this shot of the starry sky on 28th Dec in Amsterdam on a dry evening , surprisingly no clouds, so this was the only shot I could make of the sky. There were no raindrops that evening, only the stars. I put the camera to 10Mb shot. Highest resolution available on my current camera.

I was hoping to see some magical return of the Comet Ison but all I ever could see where this strange patterns in the sky. I am just fascinated by the intricate design.  Wether it is camera glitches or some Star Dust both options could be what I witnessed. But I just like to believe It could very well be real Star Dust.. So I looked at the picture on my screen and zoomed in and zoomed in. I got this result.


Full size of picture.


Glimpses of stardust or glitches from the camera perhaps we will never find out. But we have good memories this year of Comet Ison appearing in our sky.




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