A Brand new ERA has begun.

Aliens are declared human by dailymail.co.uk

Steven Greer has released the movie Sirius.
Exposing the energy industry and the ufo secrecy.
Showing evidence of very small human being probably related to the lepricorn.
Steven Greer says scientists say it is alien, but the citation of the dailymail says that it is human. Very confusing, but what IF both are right!

That means that dailymail just has officially declared that we are aliens ourselves.

The lepricron DNA is human.
The scientists say the small man’s DNA is alien, therefore there can only be one conclusion.

We are ALIENS!

This weekend with be though as I will need to party like it is new years eve for four days long. A huge party marathon that has started off badly with the seeing of the somewhat satanic egyption looking crowning flag with it’s designin the colors: RED, WHITE & BLUE with ORANGE.

But what was the freemason LOGO doing there in the middle.



Extreme Chemtrail Activity above Amsterdam

Highest Activity of Chemtrails in Amsterdam Airspace

Live from Amsterdam, Chemtrail activity report.

Extreme alert for chemtrail activitry


2013-04-14 20.15.29

Pentagram is being prepared with chemtrails above Amsterdam. Is this the Satanic preparation for the crowning of the King in the Netherlands coming up April 30th?

2013-04-14 20.14.33