Super Stonehenge – Amazing Discovery

Activation at Stonehenge


Druid Energy released to humanity.

Scientists have discovered a hidden complex of archaeological monuments at Stonehenge, challenging the modern impression that it stood in isolation.

They found the previously unknown structures when they scanned a wide area around the site, to a depth of ten feet.


They also discovered evidence of up to 60 huge pillars within the mile-wide site at nearby Durrington Walls, and a wooden burial house 3,000 years older than Stonehenge.

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Winged bird, comet or something else

Comet ISON approaching closer

More pictures from comet Ison are coming in as many astronomers all over the world are closely watching the development of Ison,



Some observers are clearly noticing the similarities between recent crop circle formations and the look of Ison in the sky at the moment.



Annunaki: Don´t Watch This Film

Extraterrestrial Origin

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy. It is time for you to know… and this documentary will let you in.

Synchronicity Fiji

Fiji reveals origin of Humankind

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The Creation Myth of Fiji and the Serpent God

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I really like the number 00966 what a sexy number. Try type it yourself, it is so wonderful: 00966

The Serpent God plays an important role in many religions and myths from all over the World. However, most of the times its role is identified with that of Evil, even if the common denominator of the Serpent God is that he wants humans to get knowledge (such as the example of the Serpent in the Garden of Eden in Christian religions).


In the mythology of Fiji Island, in one of the more popular creation stories, the Serpent God is not only an important God but the first and ever living god that created the first humans. His name is the Great Serpent Degei, the supreme God. He is believed to be the creator of the Fiji islands and all men related to the islands. He is the one that judges the souls when they die and decides where they move onto in the afterlife.

According to the legend, in the beginning it was only water and twilight everywhere and only an island existed, the island of the Gods which floated somewhere at the edge of the world and could be visible during sunrise. Degei was alone and the only living creature was the female hawk named Turukawa.

Turukawa couldn’t’ speak and the only thing he would do was to fly around Earth, until he started gathering leafs and grass creating a nest and finally two eggs were created. The great God Degei took the two eggs to his house where he made a bed for them and kept them warm with his body. When the eggs hatched, two tiny human beings came out, they were his children.

Once the first humans were born, they were transferred to a vesi tree where Degei built a shelter for them, fed them and taught them the secrets of nature. But he kept his children separate. He planted trees around them so they could find food, trees like banana trees, dalo and yams. However, humans could only eat from the banana tree and not dalo (or taro) and yams (like sweet potatoes), because they didn’t know the art of fire and the fruits of those trees couldn’t be eaten raw. Dalo and yams were the food of the gods.

When the first humans grew up they met each other and asked Degei to show them how to harness the power of the fire and how to eat the food of the Gods, and so Degei taught them. And it was after a while that the first humans left Degei and went to live on their own and had their first children. Degei wasn’t upset since he knew that his children and their children are going to worship him as their God.

According to the legend, the first village that Degei landed on was Lautoka where he established the village of Viseisei. It is interesting to note that Fiji has no snakes, so the concept of the snake God Degei not only is strange but his story is very similar to Hindu mythology and the snake Kaliya but while Degei is a good God, Kaliya is presented as a bad Serpent.

Fijian myths are interesting because they are one of the few that represent the Serpent God as a good God and not associated with evil. However, carefully studying mythologies and religions from all over the World, we can easily identify that that was the case with all Serpent Gods, but for many reasons and politics their role was twisted to that of an evil one, but that wasn’t in reality the truth.

According to the legends, the Serpent God Degei now lives in a cave in the Nakavadra mountain range in Viti Levu.

By John Black

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The Phenomenon of Strange Sounds Heard By Entire Communities

There is a genuine phenomena that has been sweeping the planet with reports of loud, sometimes glass-shattering booms that sound like explosions in the sky.

It isn’t thunder since the skies are typically clear with no storms in the areas when the booms occur. Others report hearing trumpets like a shofar from ancient Biblical times. Still, others describe the sounds as groaning metal or metal clashing that is never-ending.

The phenomena can last seconds or hours and many communities have been hearing the sounds for months. With instant worldwide communication, news of these unusual sounds set off a wildfire of YouTube videos.


Many videos were clearly hoaxed from the juvenilistic YouTube sector, but many more videos appeared authentic and posted by sincerely baffled YouTubers.

Some of the theories for what these sounds are include:

– Opening and closing of stargates or wormholes to allow alien craft entrance and exit of Earth.

– Fracking, the extracting of natural gas from shale and controversial topic of environmental impact.

– HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) notes played via technology that creates whistler waves of electromagnetic discharges.

– The Earth is shifting into another dimension due to an increase in the frequency pattern. The process is often referred to as Gaia giving birth so that the Earth is reborn.

– Vactrain sounds from the vibrations of the Mach1 speeds being reached by the secret massive underground intercontinental transit system some believe exists.

Expanding Earth theory that holds the cause of the Earths oceans and continental drift is due to the planet growing in mass and size. The sounds are literally growing pains.

While all these theories may capture the imagination, the underlying issue of a major phenomena going on all around the world remains unanswered. And, this big question mark makes the ideal fodder for conspiracy theories that also encompasses the end of the world signs.

Many people believe that the sounds are the angel trumpets signaling the second coming of Christ or the Biblical Apocalypse.

There are several montages of these sounds on YouTube.

Almost every state in the US has reported these unnerving sounds. But is it truly so mysterious or is there a scientific explanation that has been overlooked or possibly not completely accepted and understood?

These unusual groans may be very commonplace and its simply because communications are instant around the world that its become such a modern phenomena. In a 1913 pamphlet published by the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science titled Phenomenal Sounds in the Interior of Australia Are they Terrestrial or Atmospherical? similar sounds are discussed.

Reports from explorers and settlers are recounted about mysterious booms being heard and described as sounding similar to canon fire. In 1829, Australian Captain Sturt, a renowned explorer, wrote about hearing thunder-like sounds on a cloudless sunny afternoon.

He described the sound as a sharp crackling like thunder but extremely loud with no visible cause. He also experienced a similar event in 1844 in Central Australia in the morning that sounded like a great gun discharging.

As recently as June 16, 2013, Londoners heard whats identified by the Royal Air Force (RAF) as a sonic boom. Skeptics arent convinced that a Typhoon jet was responsible for a tree toppling over from the blast wave or windows being shattered. The boom was heard and felt all the way from Central London to Cambridgeshire, some 70 miles North.

Two of the most plausible theories explain these sounds as natural phenomena with scientific causations.

One of the first investigators of these metallic sounds was Linda Moulten Howe. Highly respected for her investigative prowess, Howe has filed numerous reports on these sounds that can be read on her website, Earthfiles.

Howe last reported from an interview she conducted with an anonymous government geologist who revealed the cause of these phenomena is the Earth itself.

According to Howe, the scientist explained that the Earths core is shifting and massive bursts of electromagnetic energy are being released and bouncing off the atmosphere and vibrating back to the ground.

This is a very logical and plausible explanation since witnesses have reported that the sounds appear to come from the sky.

Skyquakes is an explanation being discussed on the Internet to explain these strange sounds. Skyquakes is actually a misnomer for Spacequakes that were discovered in 2007 and first reported in 2010.

They are plasma waves that are being stretched by solar flare emissions. These waves eventually must either pop back towards the earth or break.

The waves then bombard the Earths atmosphere. These spacequakes have been documented at a 6.0 on the seismograph.

The intensity of the snap back determines the intensity of the atmospheric boom. This could explain why some people hear booms while others hear the resounding metallic groaning. Spacequakes can spark auroras and the impact sets off a rebounding process, in which the incoming plasma actually bounces up and down on the reverberating magnetic field until they dissipate in a process called repetitive flow rebuffing. Spacequakes can also generate plasma vortices.

This also seems like a highly likely explanation for the way the sounds reverberate and then slowly diminish in intensity. They often end in bright flashes of light and then the sounds stop.

Until someone can definitively prove what these sounds are, speculation will continue.